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UK Government is investing £300k to help detect loud and illegal exhausts

The UK Government is planning on investing around £300,000 in new technology to help it crack down on any illegally modified exhausts, generally meaning they’ll be too loud. This new investment comes from the Department for Transport (DfT) and will involve an initial test first. The DfT will choose four areas in England Wales to test out the noise detection tech. The new devices can automatically work out whether a […]

Canada will be banning the sale of new combustion cars by 2035

More and more countries are getting on board with planning on banning the sale of combustion only cars by a certain year. One of the first to move on this, was the UK, which will be banning the sale of pure combustion cars by 2030. Alongside this, many car manufacturers are also going to be stop selling and even making purely combustion cars, with Honda, Ford, VW and more having […]

New UK car registrations were up by 3,177% in April

The past 12 months for new car sales in the UK have been hard, with low sales non essential shops needing to close. April 2020 saw 4,321 cars in the UK but thankfully now a year later, things have increased. Last month, 141,483 new cars were registers, marking an increase of 3,177%. In a report from SMMT, it details what fuel type of cars were sold too, interestingly new diesel […]

Volkswagen ID.3 was the best selling electric car in Europe last month

Here in Europe, electric car sales have been increasing by a lot, based on the numbers of October 2020 which saw an increase of 153% compared to October 2019. Last month, 1,127,624 cars were registered and 26.8% of those cars were electric with the best selling car being the brand new Volkswagen ID.3, which sold 10,475. Earlier this year in April, Tesla saw success as the best selling overall car […]

The Government ban of new petrol and diesel cars is now 2030

This week, the UK Prime Minister has confirmed the news that general sale of brand new petrol and diesel cars and vans will now be banned from the year 2030, which has been brought forward from the 2040 goal it was previously. One thing to remember is that the sale of hybrids will be allowed for a little longer after 2030, which will be extended until 2035. This whole campaign […]

Jonny Smith interviews Top Gear’s Chris Harris in a two part video

Jonny Smith, a man best known for Fifth Gear and Smith and Sniff – a podcast he runs with Richard Porter, who was the script editor for Top Gear throughout the Clarkson era and now The Grand Tour sat down with current presenter of Top Gear, Chris Harris. Chris is a former writer for Autocar and is a racing driver and has been making videos on YouTube before he joined Top Gear and is a very well respected man in […]

Tesla announces Model S Plaid, with 1,100bhp

Today, Tesla has announced the new high end Model S Plaid, which has over 1000bhp and can do 0-60mph in sub 2.0 seconds. The Model S Plaid has been talked about for over a year now, and Tesla shared a clip of the car lapping Laguna Seca in 1 min 36 seconds last year and just over the weekend, the car lapped it in 1 min 30 seconds. Video In-car […]

Car dealerships in Northern Ireland to reopen again on the 8th June

This week, we reported that the PM has allowed some non-essential shops to reopen again soon and that does include car deanships on the 1st June, but only in England and this doesn’t include Wales or Scotland. Regarding Wales, the Welsh First Minister has commented and said he hopes that ‘non-essential’ will be able to open up again, later next month in June on the 19th. Regarding Northern Ireland, the […]

The MOT extension for car and vans could see extra demand later in the year

Back in March the MOT deadline for cars and vehicles in the UK were automatically extended by six months if they were due to expire on or after the 30th March, so long as the vehicles were kept in a safe and roadworthy condition. According to a Freedom of Information from MoneySuperMarket it is now apparent that over 3 million cars and vans on UK roads have had MOT deadlines […]

UK government has extended the consultation period for the combustion engine ban

The UK government has an ongoing plan to have zero carbon emissions by 2050, other countries have this ambition or similar in mind and to help get there, the original plan was to ban the sale of new petrol and diesel powered cars by 2040 and there is an ongoing decision to bring this forward to 2035 – or even earlier to help speed up the transition to electric vehicles. […]