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Surrey to install 10,000 new EV chargers by 2030

Surrey is about to get a lot more chargers for electric vehicles pretty soon, as the Surrey County Council has partnered with charge point provider Connected Kerb to install 10,000 new charging locations for public use. The rollout will be completed by 2030. “If one local authority can deliver such a significant boost to the UK’s charging network, just imagine what we could achieve by 2030 if every city, county and […]

Mitie to install new EV chargers at UK employment centres

Service provider, Mitie has announced it has won a new contract to install 50 charging points at 120 employment centres in the UK. The company has been hired by the UK Department for Work and Pensions, with the contract being worth £4.3 million. It is unclear if these EV chargers will only be for the use of the employees who work at the employment centres, or for visitors too. Considering […]

The amount of potential EV customers is at an all time high, but the of the cost of living crisis is harming sales

Here in the UK, one of the country’s major breakdown services, the RAC has recently ran a survey which looked at the state of motoring in 2022. The RAC spoke to 3102 UK drivers and looked at how many people are willing to switch to EVs and how many are planning to have an EV as their next car. The numbers showed that an all time high number of drivers […]

Westminster Council is aiming to have over 2,000 on street charge points

Westminster Council has announced plans recently that it is aiming to have a total of 2,000 on street charge points by spring 2023. The majority of the charging locations will be installed within lampposts, which offer a clean and efficient way to get charging to EV owners. Admittedly, this isn’t going to cover everyone but it will help a lot of people in London who park on the road. Westminster […]

Fully electric cars are now the second most registered car type in the UK, in 2022

This week, it has been revealed that the second most popular type of car, for new sales at leat are fully electric vehicles. So far this year, a total of 175,614 battery electric vehicles (BEVs) have now been registered which is up by 40.3% compared to the same time period in 2021. In comparison with the most popular type of new car, petrol – this is pretty far behind. 350,185 […]

Plug-in car grant cut – now £1,000 less in the UK

Earlier this week, the UK Government revealed that the plug-in car grant would be reduced down from £2,500 to £1,500. The grant currently offers a subsidy on new car sales of any car that can be plugged in, hybrid or fully electric. There are also some changes to what band of prices the grant can now be applied to too. Customers looking to buy a brand new electric car can […]

London’s largest Taxi company, Addison Lee to go fully electric by 2023

Addison Lee, one of the largest private taxi companies in London has announced plans to go fully electric by 2023. The company is investing £160 million to switch its entire fleet from combustion to EV and it’ll start the roll out with 450 Volkswagen ID 4 SUVs. This is only a small amount so far, the company has around 4,000 taxis on the roads – but it has committed to […]

Electric car chargers now have to be installed on new homes

England is now the first country in the world to enforce the installation of new electric car chargers on new-build homes, this comes as the deadline for the ban of new cars sold that are only combustion based is in 2030, after that any new cars sold have to be pure electric or hybrid, 2035 onwards any new cars sold have to be pure electric only. The need for good […]

Honda pledges to stop selling combustion cars by 2040

Honda has said this week that it will stop making and selling any combustion based cars in twenty years time, by 2040. The Japanese car company has also said that by 2030 at least, it is expecting at least forty percent of its sales worldwide to be fully electric cars and fuel cell based, such as hydrogen. This self set deadline comes a bit late when compared to other car […]