Apple starts to manufacture the iPhone 14 in India

Apple is starting to manufacture the new iPhone 14 in India, with the models make there to be sold locally later this year. Apple provided a statement to TechCrunch which said it is “excited to be manufacturing ‌iPhone 14‌ in India.” Apple has used India has a place to manufacture older iPhone models that were still widely offered, for example earlier this year Apple started producing the iPhone 13 in […]

The iPhone 5 was announced ten years ago today

Ten years ago today, Apple revealed the iPhone 5 to the world. Back on the 12th September 2012, Phil Schiller was responsible for announcing the new hardware at Apple’s iconic keynotes, following the death of Steve Jobs the year before. The iPhone 5 was significant, because this marked the first time the iPhone had changed in screen size since the original iPhone in 2007, just five years prior. The iPhone […]

This is the new iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus

This week, Apple unveiled the new iPhone 14, this time available in a new larger size – akin to what Apple offers with the Pro Max devices. Apple stopped using the Plus naming after the iPhone 8 Plus was launched, back in 2017. The company then unveiled the iPhone XS Max in 2018, which marked the change in naming scheme going forward. Ever since Apple launched the iPhone XS and […]

Apple shares new video on ‘Switching to iPhone’ from Android

Earlier this week, Apple shared a new video on its YouTube video outlining to potential iPhone customers how easy it is to move from Android to iPhone. The four minty video covers the expected topics, moving data over, how long the iPhone will last, the battery life, reliability and of course, the privacy Apple builds in. Apple even covered a new feature, which will let you move WhatsApp messages from […]

Following a class action lawsuit, some iPhone 4S owners will get paid for performance issues on iOS 9

This week Apple has settled a long going class-action lawsuit, which lasted six years. The lawsuit accused Apple of slowing down older iPhone models, specifically the iPhone 4s when it was updated to iOS 19 back in 2015. As part of the settlement, Apple has agreed to pay some customers who were affected by this issue. Apple will be paying $15 to each customer. The actual lawsuit was submitted ages […]

The iPhone 13 is now being produced in India

According to Reuters, Apple is now producing the iPhone 13 in India at the Foxconn factory in the country. This is marking an increased move away from Apple’s reliance on China and will also benefit from the various government schemes in place in India. Apple started making iPhones in India back in 2017 with the first generation iPhone SE and making phones there will help Apple cut down on costs […]

Apple adds new green colour for iPhone 13

Earlier this week, at its ‘Peek Performance’ event, Apple released a whole host of new devices but like it did last year, Apple has added a new mid-life colour addition to the iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro. This time last year, Apple updated the iPhone 12 with a new exclusive colour to help entice some more interest in the phone mid-way through its life. However, this time – both […]

Apple introduces new iPhone SE, adds A15 Bionic and 5G

At this weeks Apple event, the company unveiled a host of the new devices, one of which was the much anticipated third generation iPhone SE. Apple launched the first iPhone SE back in 2016, the device took the body from an iPhone 5s and the guts from an iPhone 6s. Apple then did the same thing two years ago in 2020 with the second generation, it took the body from […]

Report: Upcoming update to iOS will allow iPhones to receive contactless payments

According to a report from Bloomberg today an upcoming update to iOS could allow iPhones to receive mobile payments directly using NFC, without the need for an external reader, such as a SumUp or Square device. If true, this would allow small business owners to receive mobile payments from Apple Pay and Contactless cards directly through the iPhone, without purchasing or charging an additional accessory. Apple purchased a company called Mobeewave back […]

Analyst: Apple sold over 40 million iPhone 13 units during the holidays

According to an analyst from Wedbush, it is believed that Apple sold more than 40 million units from the iPhone 13 line, which includes the iPhone 13 , iPhone 13 mini, iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max. If this report is true, then despite the well known chip shortages, Apple would have had a record period over the Christmas holidays. Over the period, demand has been reported to […]