Google is making strides in the mobile network efforts with the new Project Fi. Project Fi is a MVNO and it makes to be a better price for a better service.

Project Fi has been rumoured for a while and it is combined of the Sprint and T-Mobile networks, but Google is making sure that it offers a high quality service, but Project Fi is limited to the Nexus 6. The way Project Fi works is very impressive as Google is using one of the latest technologies and it can switch from WiFi and the LTE connection from Sprint and T-Mobile and it will switch back and to each network if the connection is sufficient by intelligently switch one of the networks. Google’s pricing is an attempt to keep things simple. The first package is $20/month for “The Fi Basics.”

The Fi Basics gives you Unlimited domestic talk and text, unlimited international texts and low-cost international calls, WiFi tethering as well as coverage in 120 or more countries. With data, Google is charging $10/month for 1GB of data but $10 per extra GB.

Project Fi is only compatible with the Nexus 6 to start with and it is the only device which is officially supported.