windows-10-on-laptopEarly adopters who have been testing Windows 10 for the past few months have, until now been left in the dark on how Microsoft is planning on supporting the users who have installed the preview. Questions such as how will I upgrade to a full version of Windows 10 once it is released?

Now Microsoft has shed some light on the situation and how users go about upgrading to a full version, as some users have installed the preview as a full, clean install. Windows 10 Insiders will have access to the full Home and Pro editions on the same day as everyone else, July 29th. Users can upgrade via the Windows Update or by using an ISO supplied by Microsoft. The latter is recommended, as it is a final version of Windows 10 and it gives the computer a refresh.

In the official Blogging Windows blog from Microsoft, Gabe Aul also revealed that upcoming Insider builds wont include many new features, if any – just bug fixes and performance enhancements. Following the release of Windows 10 on July 29, Insiders can remain on the preview program to get new features early, similar to Apple’s Public Beta for OS X.