I have personally stated this many times, but it is hard to argue that Windows 10 is a big hit and is actually really great, and the latest install base numbers prove this. Just one month after Windows 10 was released for free on July 29 earlier this year, the new operating system is now installed on 75 million devices. Only earlier this month Microsoft hit the 27 million install mark which is a lot more than double fold and is now on it’s way to outdoing Windows 8 in terms of market share. Heck, in two days Windows 10 hit the 14 million install mark, so by sheer numbers its already doing well.

Windows Corporute VP, Yusuf Mehdi tweeted the good news today:

He also revealed some stats about the Windows Store:

All this is obviously good news for Microsoft as it’s getting users on Windows 7 to upgrade so that can use the Windows Store and download apps as well as use Groove Music both of which will bring in extra revenue for Microsoft. We have stated in numerous posts that Windows 10 is such as compelling upgrade for Windows 7 and Windows 8 users as it is free and it brings back features such as the Start Menu and improves on many like battery life and notifications.

If you haven’t upgraded, now is a good time and plenty of “day one bugs” have been eradicated.