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Another week, more stories about the latest tech. This week we had a link that was sent around destined to crash your phone, Sky Q pricing was revealed and iTunes Radio is no longer free, plus more. Here are our top five stories of the past week.

People were sharing a link which could crash your phone

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This was designed to purposely attacks the Safari browser on the iPhone and Mac, according to testing it overloads the browser with strings of code and causes the device to reboot. While being harmless it is annoying.

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Sky unveil the pricing for what is next, the Sky Q set-top box

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Also this week, Sky revealed the pricing for the new Sky Q set-to box which starts at £42 per month, originally annexed back in November last year we now know how much this is all going to cost, also available is the Sky Q Silver and Sky Q Mini.

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Clarkson’s new Amazon Car show will be airing later this year

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This week, we also learned that we can expect to the see the highly anticipated successor to Top Gear on Amazon Prime Video from Clarkson, Hammond and May later this year. With the same producer as before and a £150 million budget you can be expected to see great things.

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Porsche reveal replacement for the Boxster, out in April this year

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This week, Porsche revealed the replacement for the outgoing Boxster, the 718 Boxster. Due to be fully announced in March at the Geneva Motor Show it’ll be available in April starting at £41,739 for 296bhp.

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iTunes Radio is no longer free, now requires a Apple Music subscription


The iTunes radio section of Apple Music now requires you to pay, the company is no longer offering the radio stations ad supported. However Beats 1 will still be free and has plenty of content to enjoy from Zane Lowe, Ebro Dardan and Julie Adanuga.

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