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It’s taken the bank quite a while now, but finally starting from today users who have a bank account with Barclays or a credit card with Barclaycard can now add their cards to Apple Pay on iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch and use it in stores and in apps. Last year when the service was made available in the UK, nearly all of the major banks signed up for support including American Express, HSBC and Nationwide and then later in the year Lloyds and others added support.

But now, Barclays and Barclaycard have finally added support for the service earlier this morning and it can now be added by going to Wallet > Add Credit or Debit Card > then follow the instructions.

Contactless cards, which includes Apple Pay can now be used at around 400,000 of the contactless points we have in the UK and most credit cards added to Apple Pay will work at the majority of shops as it uses the same technology, but only up to £30, Apple Pay adds that extra layer of security enabling users to spend more. However while Barclays haven’t commented on why it took so long to add support, the CEO Ashok Vaswani said this morning:

“passionate about helping customers access services and carry out their day to day transactions in the way that suits them.”

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