Google has long had a confusing history with mobile payments, the first incarnation they tried was Google Wallet back in 2011, which was mainly designed as a peer-to-peer platforms for paying your friends money you owed them etc. Android Pay was next in 2015, which didn’t actually replace Google Wallet but was more of an answer to Apple Pay which was launched a year earlier in 2014 with the iPhone 6.

Google Pay

Now comes Google Pay and it’s a final overhaul of Google’s mobile payments efforts. Everything now comes under one umbrella, weather you are paying friends for that drink the other night or using your phone to pay for the morning coffee, Google Pay is now the main service.

“Today, we’re excited to announce we’ll be bringing together all the different ways to pay with Google, including Android Pay and Google Wallet, into a single brand: Google Pay.”

Google Blog

Google Pay will also show up online, just as Apple Pay and PayPal do, so shoppers can speed through checkouts.

Where will Google Pay be available?

As far as we can tell, it looks like it is only available in the United States, but we will update this post once we have more information.

Source: Google Blog