Much like how Nike Running Club currently works, with an app on the iPhone for viewing all your stats and seeing what runs you have done and also a companion app on the Apple Watch for use when you don’t want or can’t take your iPhone with you. Nike now want to do the same with the Nike Training Club app.

Now on the wrist

Starting today, Nike is rolling out the Apple Watch version of Training Club, worldwide. It will also support all types of workouts which are on the iPhone app.

Nike say the Apple Watch helps you:

  • Focus more on your workout and less on your phone
  • Monitor your heart rate, approximate calories and other exercise statistics right from your wrist
  • Achieve your exercise goals via weekly notifications encouraging you to close your Exercise ring

The watch app will show you a current screen with the amount of time you have left, current heart rate and how many calories you have burned.

The app for the watch is out now to download.

Source: Nike News