Smart homes are becoming a huge trend as of late and getting your home tricked out with the latest lights, locks, plugs, heating accessories and much more can be very expensive. That’s why, when Amazon has a good deal on the go we’ll be sure to feature it here on A&T Tech.

We’ve been on Amazon today and below are the top five smart home deals we’ve seen.

1. LIFX Z Light strip

The Z light strip from LIFX is one of the best light strips on sale today, unlike Phillip’s offering it doesn’t require an extra base station to get online, it instead connects to your WiFi network directly. It comes with 2m of length and you can get extender kits if you need more.

It connects with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and also with Apple HomeKit. Down from the usual £79.99, at the moment on it is listed for £52.99

2. Nest Thermostat 3rd Generation

Nest really kickstarted the smart home off when it launched the learning thermostat back in 2011, since then it is now on its third generation and there is now also a cheaper model with an e-ink style display. Nest is now owned by Google so you can now use your Google account to manage all your Nest products.

You can use the Nest app to remotely change the temperature in your house and if you use it for the first week or so it’ll then learn your habits.

Nest products work with ‘Works with Nest’, Google Assistant, Alexa – but not with HomeKit. The 3rd generation learning thermostat is usually £219.99 but today on it is up for £168.99

3. LIFX Mini Day and Dusk

Another Lifx product on the list and the company’s little bulb, the Lifx mini comes in a few different models, one with a bayonet fitting, one with a screw type (E27) and then of those versions a few different versions again. Lifx offers a mini with all colours, a all white model and then the one we have below which is called the ‘Day and Dusk’ which is exactly as it sounds, it offers bright white colours and then warmer tones for when the sun goes in.

Like the LIFX Z strip, the mini bulb doesn’t need a hub or bridge to get online and instead connects to 2.4GHz WiFi. It also works with Alexa, Google Assistant and Apple HomeKit. On Amazon, the LIFX Mini is listed for £27.99 and today it is down to just £20.99

4. TP Link Smart Plug

If you need a way of remotely controlling an appliance which is plugged into the mains power, then a smart plug socket is a good option. But a lot of the ones on the market are quite expensive, but TP Link have one on offer on Amazon for £15.99. The smart plug doesnt need a hub, works with Alexa and Google Assistant – the only downside is that it doesn’t work with Apple HomeKit.

Amazon have the TP Link smart WiFi plug up for £15.99, down from the usual £30

5. Netatmo Smart Home Weather Station

The weather station from french company Netatmo is by no means a new product, but over the past few years it has improved with a better app, better web interface and as of today the company has now added HomeKit support.

It works with HomeKit, Alexa and IFTTT. It is usually up at £149.99 but today it is listed for £123.49