Google has now made its Google Nest Wi-Fi mesh system available and it starts at $169 in the US or £149 in the UK. The previous version, Google Wi-Fi was one of most popular systems on the market when it was launched but the new version from Nest has built-in speakers and microphones which gives access to the Google Assistant.

The Nest WiFi is $169/£149 for one single router, the two pack will cost $269/£239 and the three pack for larger homes will cost $349. Each additional access point will cost $149/£129. It doesn’t seem the three pack is on sale here in the UK.

There are however a few drawbacks with the Nest Wi-Fi. The main unit does not have many ethernet ports on the back. Most traditional routers tend to have 4 ports. So if you do need to hard wire some devices, you may need to get a network switch.

Also, it misses out on WiFi 6 (802.11ax) which may be an issue for some. If you do need the latest, it may be best to wait for some newer hardware to come out soon.

Google Nest WiFi is out now on the Google Store.