Ubiquiti Inc, a company more known for enterprise WiFi with its UniFi line and WISP products, with airFiber and airMAX – launched AmpliFi a few years ago under a sub-brand of U Labs, but today the company has expanded its AmpliFi product line with a new router called Alien.

What’s most notable is the support for 802.11ax (or WiFi 6 as it is being marketed out as) and this is the first WiFi 6 device to come out of Ubiquiti so far.

Like a traditional router, it has a single gigabit WAN port on the back, along with 4 gigabit LAN ports. Similar to the original AmpliFi cube, the Alien boasts a touchscreen on the front which you can use to see time, date and how many devices are connected.

With the original AmpliFi HD unit, that came with two extra extender devices which form a mesh network, it is not clear at this time if those will work wit the AmpliFi Alien but you can use two to create a mesh network.

UPDATE: Tweet below from AmpliFi

AmpliFi Alien is $379 in the US at the moment on the AmpliFi Store.

Edit 20/11/19 21:44 GMT – Added tweet from AmpliFi about adding additional mesh units.