At the end of November, Ubiquiti launched its first 802.11ax (WiFi 6) product, the AmpliFi Alien which is standalone, high performance router which has 802.11ax support, gigabit LAN ports and a touchscreen so you can see information about connected devices, throughput and more. Up until today, if you needed more range from your AmpliFi Alien router, the only option was to spend a further $379 on a second router in order to mesh them together.

With the original AmpliFi HD unit, that came with two extra extender devices which form a mesh network and at the time of launch, it wasn’t clear what options you would have to extend the reach of your network. Ubiquiti said at the time, that meshing the AmpliFi Alien to the mesh points from the original AmpliFi kits would not work for performance reasons.

Now, today Ubiquiti has solved this issue by launching a new AmpliFi Alien mesh point, which doesnt look like it can be purchased separately at this time, but instead as a bundle for $699 which includes the AmpliFi Alien router and the mesh point.

Alien Mesh Point
Alien Mesh Point

The mesh point looks very similar to the main router, just without the touchscreen and smaller LEDs instead.

AmpliFi Alien is $379 in the US at the moment on the AmpliFi Store. AmpliFi Alien is not on sale here in the UK at the time of writing. The bundle is $699 on the AmpliFi Store.

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