Aston Martin and Airbus have got together to create Aston Martin’s first helicopter, which considering the car company’s past of a motorbike, speedboat and also a concorde inspired DBS – the helicopter fits in pretty well. Aston haven’t gone out and made a brand new helicopter here, the ‘ACH130 Aston Martin Edition’ is a repainted and re-trimmed Airbus ACH130 helicopter, which isn’t a bad thing.

Also, the bodywork and interior isn’t the same as the Airbus version, Aston’s design team has been let loose on the inside to make it very much like an Aston Martin.

As you can see in the photos, the inside of the ACH130 is a blend of leather and carpet with the same detailing as the DB11 in some places. In the back, the ACH130 also comes with some saddle bags which are unique to the ACH130.

The ACH130 Aston Martin Edition starts at around £2.4 million and design boss Marek Reichmann said:

“Buyers of the standard ACH130 are the same as our Valkyrie buyers, or buyers of our limited edition Zagato models. We don’t build cars that are necessary or needed – we build cars that are desired. And, like our cars, this is targeted at the sector of society which can afford that desire.”

Source: Aston Martin