Facebook is 16 today, way back in 2004 on the 4th February Mark Zuckerberg launched the very first version of what is known today as ‘Facebook’ but at that time it was named ‘thefacebook’.

We covered the history of Facebook back in 2018 when the website turned fourteen, but its worth lookign how huge the company has now become, today in 2019 Facebook runs and owns Instagram, WhatsApp and Oculus as well as its own products with Messenger and Facebook Watch.

As of December 2019, Facebook has 2.50 billion worldwide active users.

Facebook purchased Instagram for just $1 billion in 2012, the deal was finalised later in the same year in September. This deal was a good one, as even in 2016 Instagram was estimated to be worth around $50 billion.

Source: Zephoria