Earlier today, Ubiquiti launched a new update for the airMAX AC line of products, with airOS 8.7.0 which is for the PowerBeam AC, NanoStation AC, NanoBeam AC, Bullet AC, Rocket AC and more.

This release comes a full five months from the last version, airOS 8.6.2 which was released back in August 2019.

The main highlights of airOS 8.7.0 are that the performance for PTP connections are up to forty percent improved when using an 80MHz channel and all of the complex configuration modes, such as Mixed Mode, AC only are now gone and has been replaced with a simple Access Point toggle and PTP Model toggle which makes things a bit easier.

Other changes are the improvements to the DFS algorithms, the radio will now perform a pre-scan on the access points first, and uses the airView radio for DFS detection. “It utilizes the secondary radio for DFS detection. DFS prescan is automatically started on system boot after management radio timeout. It runs for 10-30 minutes and waits for CAC (Channel Availability Check)”

Release Notes

Major changes:

  • PTP performance improvements and reduced CPU load on higher channel widths.
  • Up to 40% improvement for pure PTP 80MHz bridge.
  • For max performance enable PTP bridge mode, make sure VLANs & bridge firewall aren’t used and leave MTU at default 1500 bytes.
  • Simplify airMAX mode configuration: airMAX AC-only mode fully replaced with airMAX mixed mode.
  • Introduce flex-new 10MHz option (beta).
  • Improve device stability when handling huge amounts of connections.
  • Faster scan when auto channel width option is enabled on station.
  • DFS prescan feature on access points.
  • It utilizes the secondary radio for DFS detection. DFS prescan is automatically started on system boot after management radio timeout. It runs for 10-30 minutes and waits for CAC (Channel Availability Check) time on each DFS channel. Frequencies where no radar events are detected during the CAC wait are marked in the wireless settings frequency list.
  • This iteration of the DFS prescan feature is informational only – device does not act on the collected information yet.
  • Security Fixes:Dnsmasq patched for CVE-2019-14513
  • Connectivity: Disable scan list if it is configured with invalid frequencies.
  • Connectivity: Fix issue where AP can stop receiving traffic when antenna gain is changed.
  • Connectivity: Fix site survey when radio is configured for the “Licensed” country.
  • Connectivity: When auto channel width is enabled, station could connect to AP with lower channel width (for example 20MHz instead of 40MHz).
  • System: Also block access via IPv6 when block management access is enabled.
  • System: Fix GPS time sync – the GPS chip had a week counter rollover bug.
  • System: Fix for fast network reconfiguration. Addresses are not fully flushed from old interface when using DHCP client and adding VLANs.
  • System: Improve 2AC stability on system boot with many stations.
  • System: Optimize airView spectral daemon memory use.
  • System: Remove DynDNS.
  • System: Remove MAC-Telnet.
  • System: Send a single beacon packet every 30s when disconnected from controller.
  • System: Update self-signed HTTPS certificate generation rules to match macOS v10.15 and iOS v13 requirements.
  • WebUI: Add warning notification if frequency scan list contains only DFS channels.
  • WebUI: Collapsable Wireless Advanced section.
  • WebUI: Easier to select target AP in the site survey tool.
  • WebUI: Fix for empty discovery tool dialog when device name contains invalid characters.
  • WebUI: Fix for missing second Ethernet port information in dashboard details for dual port devices.
  • WebUI: Fix for page load issues when accessed over slow connections.
  • WebUI: Fix warning when invalid firmware version is uploaded.
  • WebUI: Improve “Management radio is enabled” warning – it is now less persistent and more informative. WebUI: Improve PTMP throughput charts in dashboard: AP side shows total AP throughput, STA side is split into separate RX/TX charts.
  • WebUI: Improve firmware update checking.
  • WebUI: Make the DFS wait bar more visible.
  • WebUI: Merge auto channel width and manual channel width fields on station.
  • WebUI: Move traffic shaping section from advanced to simple network settings page.
  • WebUI: Show a notification while support file download is in progress.
  • WebUI: Show remote airView spectral data even if local airView is disabled.
  • Regulatory updates: DFS algorithm improvements.
  • Regulatory updates: Update frequency plan for Indonesia according to PM 1-2019: removed 2474MHz.
  • Regulatory updates: Update frequency plan for Kenya.
Known issues
  • WebUI: Due to PTP performance optimizations LAST IP column in the station list shows “unknown” for airMAX M clients. Will be fixed with the next airMAX M release.


Source: Ubiquiti