Strategy Analytics recently reported on how many Apple Watch units they estimate Apple has sold during 2019 and they say that Apple has sold 30.7 million devices worldwide.

This number is way more than how the entire Swiss watch industry is doing, which isn’t just one company, its Rolex, Tissot, TAG Heuer, Swatch and Louis Vuitton combined. During 2019, Strategy Analytics estimate that the Swiss watch industry sold 21.2 million watches, which is down from the 24.2 million that was sold in 2018.

Whereas, Apple has grown significantly in the same time period. During 2018 Apple sold 22.5 million watches and in 2019 30.7 million were sold.

“We estimate Apple Watch shipped 30.7 million units worldwide in 2019, growing a healthy 36 percent from 22.5 million in 2018. A blend of attractive design, user-friendly tech and sticky apps makes the Apple Watch wildly popular in North America, Western Europe and Asia.”

Steven Waltzer – Senior Analyst at Strategy Analytics

Neil Mawston from Strategy Analytics also mentioned that all the lost sales are not a direct loss of customers to smartwatches, he said more older consumers still tend to prefer analog watches.

“Analog wristwatches remain popular among older consumers, but younger buyers are tipping toward smartwatches and computerized wristwear.”

Neil Mawston – Executive Director at Strategy Analytics

Source: Strategy Analytics