The Ford GT was launched back in 2016 as a limited run and many people had to be invited to even purchase the supercar, very similar to how the first reboot was distributed back in 2004. But Ford has now updated the GT for 2020 and it has a few new features as standard and more power.

The engine in the GT is fairly unchanged, the 3.5-litre V6 is still there but we get thirteen more horsepower now, a jump from 647bhp to 660bhp. The rear of the car has been slightly tweaked too in order to help airflow the suspension in Track Mode has been changed too.

A new exhaust system has been added, from Akrapovic which used to be an optional add on for the previous version of the Ford GT and it’s 4kg lighter than the standard exhaust system.

The new revised Ford GT will only be on sale in the US, Autocar reached out to Ford UK, and a spokesperson said there are not any plans to being the supercar to the UK and production will stop in 2022.