This week, Ubiquiti Inc has launched a new addition to the airFiber product line with a new short range 60GHz model, which being such a high frequency the maximum range is up to 2km.

Ubiquiti initially launched the existing airFiber line up back in 2013, with the current airFiber 24. They followed up that with the airFiber 24HD which had more capacity and a larger size for more gain – both run on the 24GHz spectrum, which is license free here in the UK. Since then, models for 2GHz, 3GHz, 4GHz, 5GHz and 11GHz have all been launched.

60GHz, like 24GHz is unlicensed in the UK and is only good for shorter ranges, such as building to building type scenarios where you need a lot of throughput and 5GHz and 2GHz may have to much interference. Back in December, Ubiquiti launched the ‘UniFi Building Bridge’ which is a short range 60GHz PtP which integrates with UniFi, but if you don’t use UniFi and need a point-to-point the airFiber 60 could be useful.

Ubiquiti has the airFiber 60 on the Ubiquiti Store for $299