In the past few weeks, Seat has launched an all new Leon hatchback, which sits in the same size category as the latest generation Volkswagen Golf and Ford Focus. The new fourth generation is actually based on the same platform as the Mk8 Golf and it now in its fourth generation.

What’s new?

Similar to the Golf of which it is based, the overall size has been slightly increased, with a 90mm increase in length, and the wheelbase being increased by 50mm. The overall front end of the car looks to be a bit pointer and has a few more defined features and the windscreen is now less raked and is placed a bit more upright.

Seat Leon
Seat Leon

Seat has redesigned the rear of the car, with it now featuring a full width LED bar, which much like an Audi will animate with some affects as you lock and unlock the car. Also on the rear, the Seat badge is tucked into the rear hatch and like a lot of cars at the moment, the name badge has been centred on the back. Seat has also gone for a new font for the Leon badge, which is more script like.

“Although the new SEAT Leon is an evolution in our design language, it still presents itself as a bolder vehicle than the previous generation and keeps hold of the brand’s DNA and the representative attributes of a Leon. The exterior mixes the car’s key characteristics of confidence, elegance and sportiness.”

Alejandro Mesonero-Romanos – Director of Design at SEAT

Seat has also added Car2X as Volkswagen has done with the new Golf, which allows the car to get “the status of upcoming traffic lights or an incident on a motorway further up the road, with traffic information appearing in real time on screen.”


With the new Volkswagen Golf, we have had some new ‘e-TSI’ mild hybrid engines added and the new Leon is no different, but we do get a few different options for engines. At the base spec, there is a 1-litre, three cylinder petrol engine with 109bhp, jumping up in the range there’s a 1.5-litre four cylinder choice which can be had with 128bhp or 148bhp.

At the top of the range there is a powerful 2.0-litre engine with 187bhp. Seat is also offering two diesel choices, both are 2.0-litre and it can be had with 113bhp or 148bhp.

What trim levels are there?

Seat is offering six options, all are very familiar if you have had or have looked at a Seat before. We have SE, SE Dynamic, FR, FR Sport, Xcellence or Xcellence Lux.

All six trim levels, get as standard keyless start, LED headlights with automatic high beam, heated mirrors, electronic parking brake and an 8-inch touch screen for infotainment. (With the standard Golf Life, you get an 10-inch infotainment as standard) Seats are cloth and a leather steering wheel and gear stick are standard too. Like the Golf, 16-ich alloy wheels are standard too.

On the SE Dynamic, a larger 10-inch screen is added as is a 10-inch digital drivers screen, front and rear parking sensors, tinted windows and larger 17-inch alloy wheels.

The higher spec FR version adds a different design for the 17-inch alloy wheels, the ride height is 15mm lower than the SE and SE Dynamic cars and dual exhaust pipes are added too. The steering wheel is upgraded to be multifunction, climate control is added as is wireless charging for smartphones.

FR Sport adds more technology and styling upgrades. As standard now is a winter pack, which includes heated front seats, heated steering wheel and heated windscreen washers. The inside of the car is all black and the headlining is black too. The wheels are upgraded to 18-inch alloys.

Sitting above the FR Sport is the XCELLENCE trim level, which is less being about sporty and more of a luxury feel, it has chrome frames around all the windows, 17-inch windows and on the inside of the car surfaces are covered in ‘microsuede cloth’ – The Winter Pack is added as standard too.

The top spec XCELLENCE Lux has leather seats and 18-inch wheels.

When can I get one?

Seat will be launching the car here in the UK at the end of March, in seven different colours. There is no pricing information at the moment but the outgoing Mk3 Leon starts at £18,750 and the new Mk8 Golf Life starts at £23,875 so hopefully between the two.

Source: Seat