Another week has gone by and it’s time, once again to go over the best stories we covered here on A&T Tech.

In the news this week, MWC 2020 has been cancelled, Aston Martin launched a new roadster version of the Vantage, Volkswagen has finally put the new e-up! on sale, the NHS has around 500,000 machines still running Windows 7 and Top Gear will be moving from BBC Two to BBC One for the next series.

Here are our top stories of the past week:

NHS has around 500,000 computers still on Windows 7

The NHS has had a long time to upward from Windows 7, since April 2019 Microsoft and the NHS signed a deal to upgrade all 463,784 of those computers, for free to Windows 10. But they didn’t; upgrade in time.

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Volkswagen’s electric up! is now on sale

The first generation Volkswagen e-up! had very limited range, around 90 miles but the new one launched this week has the same new features as the new up! GTI with active lane assist etc but it now has a much larger battery for more range.

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Top Gear is moving from BBC Two to BBC One later this year

Top Gear Series 28 is currently airing, and it seems to have been pretty popular as this is now Chris, Freddie and Paddy’s second season together. But the BBC must be pretty happy with the trio as later this year, with Series 29 it will move from BBC Two to BBC One.

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Mobile World Congress 2020 has been cancelled

MWC 2020, which is usually held in Barcelona has been cancelled this year due to coronavirus fears

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Aston Martin launches roadster version of the Vantage

The new car is on sale now with deliveries arriving in Q2 2020, just in time for the summer. The roadster is £6,000 more expensive than the coupé version at £126,950.

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