Another week has gone by and it’s time, once again to go over the best stories we covered here on A&T Tech.

In the news this week, Volkswagen announced that it will be shutting down its coal power plants at Wolfsburg soon, Instagram responded to questions about an iPad app, saying: “we only have so many people” and Tesla updated the Model S with more range, as well as a few extra stories.

Here are our top stories of the past week:

Instagram does want to make an iPad app, but “we only have so many people”

For years now, users have been asking Instagram for an iPad app version of the popular photo sharing app and Instagram has still not budged on offering an iPad version, with the reason basically being they don’t have enough staff to do this.

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Volkswagen will be soon shutting down the coal power stations at Wolfsburg

Volkswagen CEO, Herbert Diess said this week that the company will be soon shutting down the two coal power stations at the Wolfsburg factory to help reduce CO2 emissions. He also mentioned that despite some offers from potential buyers, he has declined these.

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Tesla Model S now has more range as standard

Earlier this week, Tesla CEO Elon Musk revealed on Twitter that the Tesla Model S now has nearly four hundred miles of range, on one charge.

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Roku now says it has 36.9 million active users

This week, Roku unveiled it now has over 36 million active users, with a 33% increase in the last quarter of 2019.

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Global web traffic increased a lot in 2019

In a report from SimilarWeb it has been found that worldwide internet traffic has increased by a lot since last year, mobile devices has increased by 30.6% in the last two years and desktop web browsing has had a drop of 3.3% in the last two years.

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