Long time Disney CEO has just stepped down today, after a long tenure since March 2005. Iger is stepping down today with immediate effect, and Bob Chapek is taking is place. Chapek has been the Experiences and Products chairman for Disney Parks and has been with Disney for twenty seven years.

Iger has had a long fifteen year run as the CEO of Disney and since 2005 the tech landscape of which the company has had to navigate has changed a heck of a lot, shortly after becoming the CEO Iger gained a good relationship with then Apple CEO Steve Jobs and acquired Pixar for $7 billion.

“I felt with the asset base in place, and with the strategy deployed, I felt that I should be spending as much time as possible on the creative side of the business. Getting everything right creatively would be my number one goal.”

Bob Iger

Iger will now stay on at Disney as ‘executive chairman’ until the end of 2021.