Another week has gone by and it’s time, once again to go over the best stories we covered here on A&T Tech.

In the news this week, Volkswagen announced that it will be shutting down its coal power plants at Wolfsburg soon, Instagram responded to questions about an iPad app, saying: “we only have so many people” and Tesla updated the Model S with more range, as well as a few extra stories.

Here are our top stories of the past week:

Geneva Motor Show for this year has been cancelled

A few events now have been cancelled due to fears over coronavirus, so far MWC, Facebook’s F8 conference and now the Geneva Motor Show. No postponed date has been announced and car manufacturers who were planing on announcing new cars at the event have now announced other plans.

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Google Stadia is now available on more phones

This week, Google announced support for more phones to work with Stadia, up until now only Google’s Pixel phones have been able to work with the cloud gaming platform.

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Netatmo’s indoor camera now works with Apple’s HomeKit Secure Video

HomeKit Secure Video allows users to use just the Home app to view all of your cameras, regardless of the manufacturer. Netatmo has now updated its indoor camera to now support it.

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Volkswagen unveils all new Golf GTI

On Thursday this week, Volkswagen unveiled the all new Golf GTI, GTD and GTE which are all based on the brand new eighth generation Golf 8. The new GTI is a familiar recipe but now has more power, the all new digital interior from the Golf 8.

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Nest’s camera system was down for 17 hours this week

Nest, which is a part of Google had a pretty large outage this week, for around 17 hours which took everyones cameras offline and stopped recording footage.

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