UniFi Protect, from Ubiquiti Networks has been updated in the last few days to version 1.13.2 on the UniFi CloudKey Gen2 Plus and to version 1.14.8 on the UniFi Dream Machine Pro, both versions are identical but due to UniFi OS reasons, the Protect version is different on the UDM-Pro.

Ubiquiti has added a few new features, bug fixes and changes with the new update. We’ll provide a link to the UniFi forum posts at the end of this article, but we’ll cover the main changes here.


With the last release of UniFi Protect – Ubiquiti updated the motion detection algorithm to be more efficient at picking up on objects far away from the camera, but now with 1.13.2 & 1.14.8 the default algorithm will now be the previous version, although you can go into the camera and change which one you want to use.

Motion detection options:

  • Stable: Current stable version of the motion detection algorithm
  • Enhanced: Improves motion detection for scenes with small or slow-moving objects

Also new is a heatmap overlay for when viewing motion alert events, this will show you where the camera saw something move in the scene and the path it took. This can be very useful for when troubleshooting motion event issues.

One other thing to note is that, once you update to 1.13.2 & 1.14.8 – all motion detection emails will now come from ‘no-reply@ui.com’.

Release notes on ui.com for 1.14.8

Release notes on ui.com for 1.13.2