In Australia and New Zealand, the ute is a very popular vehicle to own – its basically a saloon car or a small 4×4 converted into a pickup with generally only two seats. Holden in Australia will be closed down next year, but currently it makes some interesting ute models, the Holden Commodore has a model which has a V8.

Suzuki New Zealand has done something pretty interesting with the Jimny small 4×4, usually it comes in a three door configuration and is a small capable off road car but it has been converted by Suzuki in Whanganui and it becomes a small ute and its on sale now in New Zealand.

Suzuki New Zealand will take the rear end off the Jimny, install a relatively basic flatbed and then a wall behind the front two seats gets added. If you do opt for a ‘Jimny ute’ the base spec is the Jimny JX so that does mean you get high beam assist as standard but a few options are not here.

Other changes are some black steel wheels which replace the standard alloy wheels.

Suzuki New Zealand is charging $37,990 for the Jimny ute.