Disney+ has been available in the US since late last year, and Disney has been teasing the launch for the UK and Europe for a while now and earlier this month, the full line up was revealed.

Tomorrow is the day here in the UK and Europe, when Disney+ launches, but a few things have changed. Notably, the streaming quality will be reduced. Due to the coronavirus and a lot more people being at home and using streaming services, the European Union requested that major streaming services cut the maximum quality of its video streams, so far Netflix, YouTube, Apple TV+, Amazon Prime Video have all committed to this change. And when Disney+ launches, the streaming quality will be lower than it would be normally.

Anticipating higher consumer demand, the company is instituting measures to “lower our overall bandwidth utilization by at least 25 percent in all of the markets launching Disney+ on March 24th.”

Kevin Mayer – Head of Disney’s Direct-to-consumer and International business

Also, here in the UK and Europe customers have been able to grab a “pre-order” of a yearly subscription to Disney+ for a much lower rate of £49.99 / €59.99. Which works out at £4.16 per month, whereas after today the yearly fee goes up to £59.99 / €69.99 which works out at £4.99 a month.

Also, the launch date for France has been pushed back from the 24th March, to the 7th April.