A few days ago, Ubiquiti released a new update for the UDM-Base, otherwise known as the UniFi Dream Machine. Version 1.5.6 includes the UniFi Network Controller, version 5.12.60 which itself has a lot of bug fixes.

The release notes are below, but most notable is the stability improvement for PPPoE connections and also the fix for the insights page, where before it would not display any information.

Release Notes

  • Improve wireless driver stability.
  • Improve PPPoE stability.
  • Improve setup reliability.
  • Reduce logspam caused by enabled VPN.
  • Fix the issue that caused MAC table to be empty.
  • Fix WUL issue that caused APs to go into isolated state.
  • Fix crash during UDM setup when no WAN connected.
  • Fix insights page so it should now display data.

Source: Ubiquiti

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