In the past week, the usage of Microsoft Teams has grew substantially, as well as a lot of Microsoft’s cloud products and services, the usage has grown so much that Microsoft has had to limit the usage of Teams for the users who don’t pay.

Microsoft has seen much more usage of Power BI, Windows Virtual Desktop and of course Microsoft Teams.

“In response to health authorities emphasizing the importance of social distancing, we’ve seen usage increases in services that support these scenarios—including Microsoft Teams, Windows Virtual Desktop, and Power BI.”


Microsoft has said that in the past month, the usage of Teams has grown by 775% in areas where more people are working from home and quarantine is in full force.

“We have seen a 775 percent increase in Teams’ calling and meeting monthly users in a one month period in Italy, where social distancing or shelter in place orders have been enforced.”


With Microsoft Teams, the company will be putting some restrictions in place for a short period of time to help make sure the services are working smoothly for users. Microsoft will be putting soft quotas in place for customers which will help prioritise the network for current customers.

“We have seen a very significant spike in Teams usage, and now have more than 44 million daily users. Those users generated over 900 million meeting and calling minutes on Teams daily in a single week.”


Source: Microsoft