Apple is bringing its first British TV series to Apple TV+ soon. The now show follows Jason and Nikki who are struggling to have a child and the series follows the couple’s journey.

Jason is played by Rafe Spall who was in The Ritual and Nikki is played by Esther Smith, who was in BBC show Cuckoo from 2014-2019.

Apple describes the show as:

All Nikki (Esther Smith) and Jason (Rafe Spall) want is a baby—but it’s the one thing they just can’t have. How are they going to fill the next 50 years if they can’t start a family?

They already went through The Sopranos in a weekend. After ruling out every other option, Nikki and Jason decide to adopt and are confronted by a world of bewildering new challenges. With their dysfunctional friends, screwball family and chaotic lives, will the adoption panel agree that they’re ready to be parents?

BBC Studios is producing the TV show and it’ll be distributed by Apple on Apple TV+, with the the launch date on the 1st May 2020. Unlike traditional TV shows, the entire series will launch in one go, with all eight episodes launching on day one.


Source: Apple