Today, Ubiquiti has released a new update for airOS 6, which runs on the M5 line of airMAX devices from Ubiquiti, which is the Rocket M5, PowerBeam M5, NanoBridge M5 and more as well as the line of M2, M3 and Titanium devices from Ubiquiti.

This new update fixes a few important security issues as well as some annoying bugs. One of those bugs is where on an AC AP running airOS 8.7.0, the station list would have any M5 radios with the ‘Last IP’ column as blank and airOS 6.3.0 fixes this issue.

This release comes a long time from the last version, airOS 6.2.0 was released back in July 2019.

Release Notes


  • WebUI: Fix various CSRF & XSS vulnerabilities reported via our Bug Bounty program.
  • Also block access via IPv6 when block management access is enabled.
  • PPPD patched for CVE-2020-8597.
  • Dnsmasq patched for CVE-2019-14513.
  • Regulatory updates: Update frequency plan for Indonesia according to PM 1-2019: removed 2474MHz.
  • Fix airMAX AC >=v8.7.0 access point missing LAST IP for airMAX M clients.
  • Fix ATPC for AirGrid M5 HP: minimal power was too low.
  • Extend compatible antenna list for ISOSTATION M5.
  • Update self-signed HTTPS certificate generation rules to match macOS v10.15 and iOS v13 requirements.
  • WebUI doesn’t load if custom HTTP port 81 is configured.

Source: Ubiquiti