Today, Microsoft has launched Forza Street for iOS, iPadOS and Android. The game has been on Windows 10 for a little while already and it is a stripped down version of the full on Forza games for Xbox and Windows 10. Microsoft describes Forza Street is designed for “quick, under-a-minute races.”

Forza Street, like many mobile games is free-to-play and has in app purchases.

“Forza Street was also designed to be an evolving experience. The game is based in a street racing world with interesting characters, mystery, and  intrigue,  explored through a narrative driven campaign.”


Also, if users play the game between today (5th May) and the 5th June, they’ll receive an in game 2017 Ford GT to use as well as extra in game credits. If users play the game on multiple devices, such as iOS, Android and Windows – Xbox Live can handle syncing game progress and Xbox Achievements.

Source: Microsoft