The Tesla Powerwall is a brilliant product to buy if you have regular power outages where you live and also much better, if you have solar panels installed. Without solar, the Powerwall can charge up when energy is cheaper and provide a ‘whole home UPS’ if the power goes out. If you have solar too, it can store the energy collected in the day for use at night, when electricity from the grid typically costs more.

However, if you happen to have a Tesla car and a Powerwall, until this new update, the car would continue charging from the stored energy in the Powerwall even if the power has gone out, which would sap needed energy from the home. Tesla has recently fixed this issue and released a software update for the Powerwall.

“Powerwall now coordinates with Tesla vehicles during a power outage to charge your car without exceeding the energy and power capabilities of your Powerwall. The Powerwall reacts to the power needs of your home and will slow or stop your vehicle’s charging, keeping your home loads powered.”


This update is only available in the US at the moment, and weirdly it only works with the Model 3 or the new Model Y. Hopefully this feature comes to other countries at the rest of Tesla’s line up.

Source: Tesla