Nearly every year for the past ten years, Apple has unveiled a new update to the iPhone in September and while we are a few months away, rumours for the ‘iPhone 12’ for this year are starting to pop up online. According to some rumours, the new iPhone for 2020 is going to get a much faster refresh rate on the display and improvements to the camera.

These rumours come from Apple blog EverythingApplePro and Max Weinbach who, like Jon Prosser has been correct about a lot of Apple leaks lately. The display on the new iPhone this year is set to get a 120Hz refresh rate, something which has been popular lately on high end Android handsets and the Galaxy S20. Apple would likely call this ‘ProMotion’ as it has on the iPad Pro line, which has had 120Hz displays or a number of years now, this has improved the fluidity of scrolling and also helped the Apple Pencil feel more natural.

The rumours also point towards the camera, the iPhone 12 is expected to see an improvement in its ability to take low-light photos, with better image stabilisation and improved HDR.

In terms of other improvements, its rumoured that the notch where the Face ID sensor and True Depth camera are housed is due to get smaller.