Another week has gone by and its time, once again to go over the best stories we covered here on A&T Tech.

In the news week, Apple may be launching a new phone this year with a 120Hz display, the Apple HomePod launched in India, Eero’s routers are now on sale in the online Apple Store, Apple is planning on opening up its stores in Italy next week and Volkswagen says it is on track to start sales of its new all electric car, the ID 3 this July in the UK.

Also, news for A&T Tech – this blog turned 7 years old on the 12th May.

The new iPhone for 2020 may have a 120Hz display

Latest rumours are suggested the upcoming iPhone 12 will have an 120Hz display.

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HomePod has launched in India this week

This week, Apple launched the HomePod in India, for a bit less than it would cost here in the UK and the US. It is ₹19,900 in India, which is £209 in the UK and $263 in the US.

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Apple has now started selling the routers from Eero on its online store

Amazon owned Eero, which makes WiFi mesh system and standalone routers has just started to work with HomeKit recently and this week, Apple has now started to sell them in its online store.

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Volkswagen is now on track to start ID 3 sales in the UK this July

Volkswagen has had a lot of production and software issues with the ID 3 so far, but the company has said it is now on track to start sales here in the UK this July.

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Apple Stores in July will be opening again next week

According to an Italian blog, Apple is planning on opening up its retail stores in Italy next week, albeit with limited hours.

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