This week, Minecraft hit 200 million sales of the game in the 11 years it has been out. It was introduced back in 2009. Microsoft has said that 126 million people play Minecraft every month and in the last month, there has been a 25 percent increase in new players, which can be attributed to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic currently.

Microsoft acquired the developer of Minecraft, Mojang back in 2014 and at that stage, the game had sold 50 million copies. Now the game is offered on iOS, Nintendo Switch, Xbox, Windows, macOS and also, on the Wii U still. The latest versions on iOS, Switch, Xbox and Windows all support cross platform and cross play with the option to purchase Realms subscriptions to play online servers with your friends.

The game turned 11 years old on Sunday last week and for a game of its age, to have this level of engagement and growth too, is impressive.