This week, Volkswagen announced the new all electric e-Transporter, but it isn’t the all conquering all electric panel van you’d expect it to be.

The e-Transporter wasn’t fully developed by Volkswagen, like the e-Crafter was – instead Volkswagen has partnered with ABT to create the e-Transporter. It only has a range of 82 miles which means it’ll be most useful in cites as delivery vans. The e-Transporter is based on the current 6.1 Transporter and has a 109bhp electric motor with a 37.5kWh battery pack.

Charging is however good, it offers 50kW DC fast charging which means the e-Transporter can change from 0 to 80 percent in 45 minutes. Regarding the range, Volkswagen has said it will expect for the e-Transporter to be used as a ‘last-mile delivery vehicle’ but at £42,060 it might not be affordable for some companies.