Apple’s first British and first European show on Apple TV+ is Trying, it debuted in full on the 1st May and it follows the life of Jason and Nikki as they go through the process of adopting a baby. All eight episodes can be watched now on Apple TV+. Earlier in the month, Esther Smith who plays Nikki spoke to Metro about the show and whats next for it.

“Yeah, we’ve been commissioned for a second series! … Which I’m really thrilled about. We should be starting in the summer, but who knows what the world’s going to be looking like. So yes! There will be a second series. I just want to do it all over again, I could just keep doing it – theres’s so much scope!”

Esther Smith

While there is no timeline, we can be certain we won’t see the second series this year, more likely next year with some possible delay due to the current pandemic.

Source: Metro