Today, Chevrolet has confirmed that the latest version of the Corvette is coming to the UK in 2021, starting at £81,700. This will mark the first time Chevrolet has offered the Corvette in a right-hand drive configuration.

The Corvette as well as other US only Chevrolet products have been available to purchase in Europe as well as here in the UK before, but only in left-hand drive.

When the Corvette comes to UK and European dealers in 2021, the car will have had some modifications to make it more suitable. Over the US version, the Corvette will gain manually adjustable suspension, larger brakes, electronic limited-slip differential, performance exhaust and Michelin Pilot Sport 4S tyres as standard. Chevrolet is also fitting an 14 speaker Bose system and heads up display.

Corvette is arriving in the second half of next year and at the very start, only the Launch Edition version will be offered. This has a magnetic ride system as standard as well as unique design touches over the base ‘Stingray’ model.

Corvette will be offered in a coupe and convertible versions, with the convertible being a metal folding hard top. Coupe will start at £81,700 and the convertible a substantial amount more, at £87,110.

With the new C8 Corvette, Chevrolet has changed the engine layout for the first time since it was launched 67 years ago, in 1953. Every Corvette to date has been rear wheel drive, had two seats and the V8 engine has been at the front. The Corvette is now mid-engined, with a 495bhp 6.2-litre V8.

No manual gearbox is offered, also a first on a Corvette. Instead, the C8 has an eight speed dual clutch system, with paddle shifters.

The new C8 Corvette will be launching here in the UK in the second half of 2021.