Following the general peak of the coronavirus, Apple has taken the decision to open up its retail stores across the world, with obvious differences to protect its staff and customers.

Health and safety rules are in place such as the use of masks for all people in the building, reduced opening hours and also, limiting the amount of people allowed in at one given time. Apple is also offering pickup for items ordered online, at the store or where it is possible, at the roadside.

Starting today, Apple has opened up all of its stores in France, of which there are 20 and in the last few weeks stores in Italy, Japan, Austria and Germany have been opening back up again. Some stores in US have opened up, but some have had to close again due to ongoing protests and riots in certain cities.

Here in the United Kingdom, Apple Stores have remained closed for months, but local rules will allow non essential stores to open up again next week. Apple has 510 store locations worldwide and so far, 300 have opened up.