We are due for a new iMac design soon, the current design does still look great, but the large bezels are getting long in the tooth and other lingering design changes could do with removing as well as adopting some of the internal advancements from the iMac Pro.

The current shape iMac was revealed almost eight years ago, back in 2012 and has that famous tapered point, which goes down to 5mm. The iMac line was last updated a year ago and was just a spec bump.

According to leaker, Sonny Dickson a new iMac could be launched at WWDC 2020 in a few weeks and will have an “iPad Pro design language” and T2 security chip from the iMac Pro. Also it is said to no longer have a fusion drive and hopefully the base model no longer has a spinning hard drive. Hopefully the new iMac adopts the thermal design of the iMac Pro and removes the need for any physical hard drives going forward.

Stay tuned to A&T Tech for all the latest on WWDC in a few weeks.