The new all-electric ID.3 from Volkswagen is nearly ready to go on sale, back in May Volkswagen said it was “on track” to start sales in July, this remains true and just this week, AutoExpress was one of the first car magazines to review it.

Starting on the 17th June, VW will start taking deposits and then in September the first deliveries will start. First out the gate is the “First Edition” ID.3 which will come with a 58kWh battery, 100kW DC fast charging and 261 miles of range, based on WLTP. This model is limited to 30,000 units.

Volkswagen has three versions of the “First Edition” that are going to be available, the first will be just under €40,000 (£35,500) and the maxed out version will be about €50,000 (£44,500) however this will come with a lot of options included such as heads up display, extra speakers and other items.

Eventually, Volkswagen will have three different versions, the entry level 45kWh ID 3 which is touted to start at £27,500 in the UK, before the government grant which means it will be under £25,000. Volkswagen hasn’t released any range figures for the 45kWh version yet. The middle car has a 58kWh battery, with a range of 260 miles and the larger 77kWh version will have 340 miles of range.