This week, Ubiquiti has launched the new UniFi Switch Lite 8 PoE, a new UniFi switch which seems to replace the existing UniFi Switch 8 60W which could indicate that Ubiquiti is trying to clean up the the product line and make the line a bit easier to understand. Both switches are the same price, $109 in the US, both have eight gigabit ethernet ports which four being PoE and the other four being non PoE. The only difference is that the 60W switch had four 802.3af ports whereas the new Lite 8 switch has four 802.3af/at ports which allows higher power devices to be used. Both switches have the same power supply, 60W.

The mounting solution for the Lite switch is easier, the old 60W had holes in the back and if you were mounting it upside down on a shelf or on a wall it would take a bit more time to get lined up, whereas the Lite 8 has a handy removable piece to screw to the wall and slot the switch into it.

The new UniFi Switch Lite 8 PoE is available now on Ubiquiti’s store on for $109 and as of writing it isn’t on the UK store but will likely show up soon.