A few days ago, we reported that Ubiquiti’s UniFi Protect cloud servers were experiencing an outage, one which lasted about 12-13 hours on the 25th August up until the early hours of yesterday. As the recordings are not stored in the Cloud as with offerings from Nest and Ring, the recordings were not affected and this only affected the access to protect.ui.com and access to the mobile app, UniFi OS devices, such as the UDM Pro and the new UNVR could still be accessed via unifi.ui.com on the desktop. However, as we explained in the article, due to the way the authentication works, the mobile app was unaccessible even when using it locally. Ubiquiti has now issued a statement regarding the outage and the steps they are taking to prevent this from happening again.

The main cause of the outage was basically high demand and the company had to rush to spool up new servers to cope.

Due to unusually high load on this service, remote access functionality became unstable and eventually went down. Due were able to resolve the customer-facing issues by provisioning a new fleet of servers to handle the increased load.


Ubiquiti has also said the app will be updated to “remove the cloud dependency for locally accessing your controller” – which just uses it to authenticate you and they will be improving the UniFi Protect back end.

Read the full statement here