Today Ubiquiti has launched a new mounting solution for the G3 Flex camera, it has been in the Early Access store for a number of months and has now been made generally available on Ubiquiti’s own store at for $12 in the US and a pack for 3 for $35.

This new mount houses the G3 Flex in an all in one container and allows the camera to be mounted upside down, while sealing the ethernet port from the elements, as the ethernet port is on the base. However, despite looking like it is weather proof this mounts is only rated at IPX4 for splash resistance, so it is still best to have this under an eve when using it outside.

The ‘UniFi G3 Flex Camera Professional Wall Mount’ is available at for $12 in the US. So far it is only showing up in the US store with no availability on the EU store, but typically with new products from Ubiquiti they take a few weeks to become available everywhere.