Today, Tesla has announced the new high end Model S Plaid, which has over 1000bhp and can do 0-60mph in sub 2.0 seconds. The Model S Plaid has been talked about for over a year now, and Tesla shared a clip of the car lapping Laguna Seca in 1 min 36 seconds last year and just over the weekend, the car lapped it in 1 min 30 seconds.


The Model S Plaid is available to pre-order now on and by the looks of it, it is available in a lot of countries, not just the US. Prices in the US start at $134,490 and in the UK, £130,980.

In terms of specs, the Model S Plaid has 1,100bhp, can achieve 0-60mph in sub 2 seconds, top speed of 200mph and Tesla says that it has the “Quickest 0-60 mph and quarter mile acceleration of any production car ever.”

The range has also been improved, estimated at 520 miles. The current Long Range model has 379 miles of range.

Pre-orders are being taken from today, with deliveries starting at the end of 2021.