When the HomePod mini launched earlier this week, Apple added a new comparison page which sat the existing HomePod and the new HomePod mini side by side and the only couple differences are the lack of spatial awareness on the mini and the lack of a new feature called “Home cinema with Apple TV 4K.”

This new cinema feature is only on the larger HomePod and only works with the newer Apple TV 4K and it is essentially Dolby Atmos with support for 5.1 and 7.1 channel audio. It’ll be coming soon as part of an update with tvOS 14.2 which is in beta sates at the moment, this new update also allows for the HomePod to be the default audio output for the Apple TV.

Home cinema mode works with one HomePod linked to the Apple TV, but will obvoisl work better with two and this will not work on the smaller HomePod mini