Tesla has recently updated the Model 3 in the UK to now have more range, as well as some minor revisions and updates to the interior. Tesla has ‘de-chromed’ the Model 3, which was a common thing people wanted to change and changed them to satin black on the door handles, indicator housing and around the windows.

Also new are the Überturbine wheels (pictured) which come in 18-inch and 19-inch versions and are claimed to be a more effiencent design.

Inside the Model 3, Tesla has moved away from the gloss black trim which covered the length of the centre console and has now moved to a matt black finish. The sill plates are now the same material too. The top piece which used to cover any phones is now exposed and two more USB-C ports have been added and a USB-A port has been added to the glovebox. A common complaint with the glossy black was that it would scratch easily and that the sun would reflect off of it, this should resolve those issues.

Tesla has also made some improvements to the range, the standard Standard Range Plus model has jumped from 254 miles to 267 miles of range and the Long Range goes from 347 miles to 360 miles and the Performance model jumps from 329 miles to 360 miles.