Tomorrow is the third Apple event in the last three months, back in September we had the Apple Watch event, where the Apple Watch Series 6, Apple Watch SE and new iPad Air were launched as well as the announcement of Apple One. Last month was the iPhone 12 and HomePod mini event and tomorrow is the Mac event, where Apple is expected to announce the first new Apple Silicon powered Mac.

The event is called “One More Thing”, playing to the famous phrase Steve Jobs used to use art the end of some keynotes to drop a huge product release. Apple announced the change to Apple Silicon back in June, at WWDC and at that time, they said by the end of the year, the first Apple Silicon powered Mac will arrive. But what does Apple Silicon mean?

Apple Silicon refers to Apple designed chips, processors, GPUs etc and Apple has being using its own chips in iPhones and iPads since 2010, starting with the A4 in the iPhone 4 and the original iPad. Moving the Mac over to its own chips will allow Apple to ditch Intel, but not right away – this won’t be an immediate change over for the whole Mac line, it will be over a number of years.

The event is on Tuesday 10th November at 6pm BST / 10 PST and we’ll be seeing a new Mac model and hopefully hearing about macOS 11 Big Sur, with more details about the operating system and crucially, a release date.

The event

Apple will be live streaming the event on YouTube at 10am PT / 6pm BST and we’ll be live covering the event on our A&T Tech Live Twitter account, so be sure to follow along.